Corner of 22nd Street & Mt. Vernon Streets -  (Near the Philadelphia Museum of Art)
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Church History
The first church was located at 22nd & Wallace Street, built through the
generosity of benefactors that included Matthias Baldwin (of Baldwin
Locomotive fame). The lot had been part of the country estate of Robert
Morris, a father of the American Revolution.

In 1869 a large sanctuary building was erected at 22nd & Mt. Vernon Sts.,
adjoining the original building.  The new building seated approximately 1,000 and in the late 1800’s was often
overcrowded, with worshipers standing outside on the steps.

Through the years, the current building has undergone extensive renovation,
much of it carried out by our members.  The exterior has also been kept in
good repair and maintained as it was when first erected, since it is now a
historically certified building.  Now at 150 years old, it remains a versatile
and useful building for congregational and community events.
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In 1895 a large education building replaced the edifice at 22nd &
Wallace, and this is the building we use today.  The sanctuary building
at 22nd and Mt. Vernon had to be demolished in 1945 after suffering
irreparable damage in a severe, tornado-like storm.  Though it was
traumatic at the time, it seems providential now, since that space has
become an invaluable parking lot.